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Saddow, Stephen

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Electrical Engineering

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High-voltage SiC Schottky barrier diodes have been fabricated with 1mm square contacts. The SBD?s were fabricated using both an argon implant and a field plate overlap for edge termination. The current-voltage characterization of the diodes is presented with statistical yield information on the first set of diodes produced from the Mississippi Center for Advanced Semiconductor Prototyping. After packaging, reverse bias breakdown voltages over 500V at 0.1 A/cm2 and an on-state forward voltage drop of less than 2.5V at 100 A/cm2 were demonstrated. A 0.65-0.85 eV barrier height was extracted from the SBD?s using I-V measurements. Field plate terminated devices demonstrated consistent, low standard deviation breakdown voltages and low leakage currents. The argon implanted devices demonstrated a higher breakdown voltage with higher leakage currents and a higher standard deviation. It was proven that the diodes followed the thermionic field emission model for up to one third of the breakdown voltage. Over 15,000 diodes have been tested and results analyzed in this work.



Barrier height||Schottky||SiC||yield||characterization