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There have been numerous studies conducted concerning how various businesses, management groups and library science organizations address the preservation of their history, the development of goals, the evaluation of those goals and how these lead to the positive development of their organization. However, to date, the researcher has been unable to locate research that has been conducted to assess how Student Affairs associations preserve their history and how they evaluate the effectiveness of their goals or even if they do evaluate their goals. Based on research conducted through in-depth interviews, review of the data raises questions regarding the way SACSA is attempting to accomplish the current goals, how the goals were established, how that information is disseminated and how the history of the association is being maintained. The membership voiced clearly that there is a conflict between member?s perceptions. With the association not utilizing past reports and findings from other committees, such as the Blue Ribbon Task Force, only confirms the need for better communication and follow through. Many of the past SACSA committee studies have yielded the same results as my study. My results further substantiate and fortify the fact that the association is not addressing the reports or perceived needs of the association. A number of recommendations are offered to improve the preservation of SACSA?s history as well as procedures that provide checks and balances to ensure that whatever the membership is communicating that it is being followed through and addressed.



organization||history||goals||professional association||student affairs