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The objective of this study was to determine breed specific effects of nutritional insults during gestation on regulation of muscle and adipose tissue growth in beef cattle offspring during fetal and early postnatal development. Angus and Brahman heifers were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 dietary treatments consisting of 100% or 60% based on net energy requirements for gestating heifers. Nutritional treatments were imposed from day 50 to 180 of gestation. Fetuses harvested at 180 days of gestation had smaller frames and spared critical organs. Gene expression in several fetal tissues indicated potential for compensatory growth. Postnatally, Brahman offspring weighed less than Angus offspring and had smaller heads and heart girths along with decreased expression of growth and myogenic genes in the Longissimus dorsi. There were no differences in growth or myogenic gene expression within the Longissimus dorsi due to treatment. However, restricted animals had a decreased expression of PPARG.



Fetal||Bovine||Brahman||Nutrient Restriction||Angus||Myogenesis||Fetal Development