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Mississippi State University


Shmulsky, Rubin

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Dubien, Jan

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Seale, R. Dan

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Forest Resources


This investigation focuses on the effects of hurricane Katrina on the structure, performance, capacity, and future of the lumber industry in the impacted area. The basis of the examination is a survey of both hardwood and softwood lumber mills in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. Total response rate was 42.4%. Results support the hypothesis that the storm did have a significant and negative effect on the commerce of responding facilities. Contribuing factors, such as raw materials supply and procurement, physical damage tothe mill and resulting variations to operation, productivity and quality issues, as well as human resources, were impacted in differing magnitudes. The extent to which the results have been experienced can be based upon what type of wood a mill utilizes, its geographic location, and its ownership of timberland. Raw material security will be paramount to determining a facility’s ability to remain competitive in the industry.