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Mississippi State University


Koenig, Keith

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Bridges, David H.

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Schneider, Judy

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Aerospace Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Aerospace Engineering


This paper is an investigation into the effect of the bat support conditions on the collision between a baseball and a baseball bat. Bat performance is tested using both machines and human subjects. For the machine tests, a baseball is fired from an air-cannon at a stationary bat, where the bat is either allowed to rotate only or is completely unrestricted after impact. The initial and rebound ball speeds are measured for a range of impact locations. For the human tests, a person swings the bat and hits the ball off of a tee. The bat speed prior to impact and the ball speed after impact are measured. The results for each method of testing are compared, and the final ball speed is found to be independent of the bat support condition.