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Blendinger, Jack G.

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Shaw, David R.

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Davis, James E.

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Xu, Jianzhong

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Dissertation - Open Access


Elementary, Middle, and Secondary School Administration

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Educational Leadership


In the past, consolidation of schools was studied for the post-consolidation phase. This study focused on the pre-consolidation perceptions of administrators, teachers, and parents in the areas of academics, athletics, and interactions and collaborations between administrators, teachers, students and parents of two school districts in Mississippi that went through consolidation. Data were collected through: a) archival data, b) observations, and c) focus group interviews of administrators, teachers, and parents from the two school districts. Data from all sources were carefully reviewed and coded, further categorized, and emerging themes were related to the research questions. This study found that after consolidation, Starkville School District (SSD) students would continue to do the same academically while the Oktibbeha County School District (OCSD) students will improve and do much better academically. SSD students would continue to do the same athletically but face more competition while OCSD students will have more choices, and face more competition. All stakeholders agreed that most of the OCSD administrators will be without employment. Teachers and parents from both school districts thought the administrators from both school districts will get along fine. Moving into the future all thought teacher interactions will go well. SSD administrators, teachers, and parents thought student interactions will be fine. OCSD administrators, teachers, and parents thought initially student interactions might be rough but it will be fine later. SSD administrators, teachers, and parents and OCSD teachers thought parent interaction will go well. OCSD administrators and parents thought parent interaction would be fine if they were treated right by the SSD parents. More research during the pre-consolidation phase needs to be done. Areas like transportation and funding need to be studied. Quantitative studies for the areas looked at in this study need to be done. Longitudinal studies needs to be done in the future. Students need to be used as participants in future research.