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Wilson, Wilbur William

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Foster, Stephen

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Gwaltney, Steven

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access



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Master of Science


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Department of Chemistry


The number of protein containing therapeutic drugs is growing day by day. Lack of proper storage conditions can cause protein degradation or aggregation. The osmotic second virial coefficient, B22, is a thermodynamic parameter, which can predict protein interaction with other proteins and solvent molecules. B22 has been successfully used as predictor of crystallization conditions for a protein in the solution, and in this study an attempt has been made to relate B22 as a predictor of stability of the protein. Static light scattering was used to measure B22 in our studies. B22 and the solubility of three proteins were measured in several excipient solutions. George et al. in 1997 related the osmotic second virial coefficient with the solubility of protein in a solution. In this study we have attempted to relate solubility with B22 and stability of lysozyme, human serum albumin, and ovalbumin in buffer solutions containing various excipients.