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Jingming Tao

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Mississippi State University


Haque, Z. Zee

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Tidwell, Diane K.

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Williams, J. Byron

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Nannapaneni, Ramakrishna

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Food Science and Technology

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Master of Science


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Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion

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Sweet whey is the liquid that separates from the cheese curd during manufacture of cheeses like Edam and Cheddar. Though highly nutritious, problems associated with whey utilizations include variability of desired functional attributes and lack of thermostability (TS), an attribute that is imperative in retort or pasteurization stable high protein drinks. The objective of this study was to determine the influence of pre-heat treatment (thermization) of fresh sweet whey and/or addition of casein hydrolyzate on the subsequent TS of whey protein concentrates (WPC). Fresh sweet wheys were obtained from the Mississippi State University Dairy Plant, separated, thermized for different time periods (5-30 min) at 70°C, vacuum evaporated, and spray dried to obtain WPC. Thermization of Edam and Cheddar whey for 5 and 10 min significantly enhanced TS across all pH (3-7.5) levels studied. Addition of the hydrolyzate to thermized and not thermized Edam whey significantly enhanced the TS.