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Mathematical Sciences

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Doctor of Philosophy


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This dissertation is about the partial differential equation (PDE) based image denoising models. In particular, we are interested about speckle noise images. We provide the mathematical analysis of existing speckle denoising models and propose three new models based on total variation minimization methods. The first model is developed using a new speckle noise model and the solution of associated numerical scheme is proven to be stable. The second one is a speckle version of Chambolle algorithm and the convergence of the numerical solution was proved under certain assumptions. The final model is a nonlocal PDE based speckle denoising model derived by combining the excellent noise removal properties of the nonlocal means algorithm with the PDE models. We enhanced the computational efficiency of this model by adopting the Split Bregman method. Numerical results of all three models show that they compare favorably to the conventional models.