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Runsong Xu

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Mississippi State University


Hudson, Susan T.

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Parsons, Jim A.

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James, Carl A.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Science


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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Test results from a rocket turbine test model, called the Oxidizer Technology Turbine Rig (OTTR), are discussed in this paper. The turbine was designed to support the development of advanced turbines for future liquid rocket engines. It is a highly loaded single stage liquid oxygen pump drive turbine which uses inlet and exit volutes to provide optimum performance in a compact configuration. The system design creates high pressure and temperature gradients as well as high Mach number flow. These factors make it especially difficult to accurately measure the flowfield. Test issues such as probe calibration; probe interference, rake blockage, and averaging techniques were discussed in a previous paper. Test results including inlet volute, exit volute (both circular and square), and diffuser static pressure distributions, stator airfoil static pressure distributions, total and static pressure drops through the system, and overall performance parameters at the turbine aerodynamic design point and off-design point are presented here. This thesis will mainly focus on the information of both aerodynamic design point and off-design point of inlet volute, exit volute and diffuser for both circular exit volute and square exit volute.