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Clinical Psychology

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The frequency of illicit use of prescription stimulants (IUPS) was examined in relation to known risk factors. A hierarchical linear regression (N = 903) was used to evaluate self-reported past-year IUPS and demographic variables. Gender (p < .05), race (p < .05), and GPA (p < .01) were significantly associated with the frequency of past-year illicit use. However, Greek organization membership status, perceived ADHD symptoms and access to prescription stimulant medication were not significant individual correlates of past-year IUPS. Additional analyses were conducted on the user subgroup (n = 101) to determine whether these relationships were similar compared to the general sample. Among users, ASRS Inattention and Hyperactivity-Impulsivity Subscale scores were significantly associated with the frequency of past-year IUPS (p < .05), even after accounting for gender, race, and GPA. Interpretations of these findings and implications for future research are discussed.