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Renee M. Clary

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Environmental Geoscience

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Environmental education (EE) and outdoor instruction are essential to understanding and addressing different environmental issues in school communities. This study investigated Mississippi teachers' perceptions on environmental education and outdoor instruction during 2020-2021. A state-wide survey and follow-up interview were conducted to examine their thoughts about environmental education and outdoor instruction and COVID-19 limitations in their classrooms and how that may affect their perceptions. Analysis was conducted using SPSS contingency and frequency tables, Chi-square Test of Independence, and content analysis of qualitative data. The results showed that Mississippi teacher participants believe that environmental education in Mississippi K-12 schools is very important and that outdoor instruction is a good way to learn environmental education. Many participants are interested in teaching classes outdoors but stated that they do not take their classes outside often. Results also documented that participants are concerned about the different limitations they face when teaching classes outdoors.