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Compared to other methods for digital modeling, photogrammetry is portable, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Despite the potential benefits to the subfield of bioarchaeology, few investigations into this technology have occurred. This research attempts to fill the gap by investigating the accuracy of photogrammetry for recording antemortem cranial depression fractures (CDFs). Using the Mississippi State Asylum skeletal collection, dry bone measurements of CDFs were compared to those on photogrammetric models. Additionally, three volunteers of various skill levels attempted to identify these fractures using the digital models. Results showed that despite accuracy in recording maximum length and width measurements, maximum depth could be accurately and efficiently recorded. Volunteers were also incapable of accurately identifying the fractures. Therefore, photogrammetry should not be used for the initial recording of CDFs when dry bone recording is possible. However, photogrammetric modeling should still be used to assist in research when dry bone remains are not available.


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