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Mississippi State University


Zimmerman, Matthew, H.

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Holmes, Carolyn, E.

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Lee, Younghan

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Twietmeyer, Gregg

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Dissertation - Open Access



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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


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Department of Kinesiology


This study expanded on the previous research surrounding the Facebook and Twitter use of non-governmental sport for development and peace (SDP) organizations as well governmental Ministries of Sport. Following the theoretical framework of Lovejoy and Saxton (2012) this research examined specifically how non-governmental and governmental sport organizations share information, form a community and encourage action with their social media audiences. A content analysis of 6003 social media posts demonstrated that both Ministries of Sport and SDP non-governmental organizations (NGOs) primarily use social media to disseminate information to their followers, however, SDP NGOs were more likely to use social media posts for a community function compared to governmental sport organizations. Lastly the use of social media to encourage further action was limited by both types of organizations and on both platforms. The content analysis also revealed that cabinet ministries were more likely to discuss on social programming (e.g., education, youth development) compared to posting about sport. This study also has important theoretical and practical implications and provides further insight into the social media use of sport organizations based in Sub-Saharan Africa.