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Mississippi State University


Williams, Frankie

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Moyen, Eric A.

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McMullen, Leigh Ann

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King, Stephanie B.

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Dissertation - Open Access


Educational Leadership

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


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Department of Educational Leadership


This dissertation deals with the protocol and procedures related to students’ safety and discipline while on a school bus as experienced by school bus drivers’ and school administrators’ experiences as a guide for changes to the existing programs. The following was the overarching research question that guided the study: How do school bus drivers and school administrators describe their reflective experiences related to bus driver training and protocol and procedures associated with student safety and discipline?

A qualitative research design was selected for the study. A case study approach was used to collect and analyze data for the study.

Participants for the study included 30 bus drivers and 4 school administrators from 2 school districts. To collect data for the study, interviews were conducted through the use of focus groups.

The analysis of the data for the study yielded emergent themes in response to the secondary research questions. The emergent themes include ongoing professional development, addition of cameras and seat belts, bus monitors, creation of a handbook for school bus drivers and riders, and seating charts. Recommendations are presented for policy and protocol changes.