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Mississippi State University


Osterholtz, Anna J.

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Zuckerman, Molly K.

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Lambert, Shawn

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Applied Anthropology

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures


This project tested the reliability and validity of the Portable Osteometric Device Version 1 (PODv1) the Paleo-Tech Lightweight Field Osteometric Board (PaleoTech), by providing measurements of intra-observer and inter-observer error during the collection of osteometric data. The PODv1 is a device that the author invented for measuring anthropometric data from human skeletal material. This device was 3D printed and uses laser sensors with time-of-flight technology to measure distance. Twenty-three different volunteers with various osteological experience from the Mississippi State University community collect osteometric data for this project. These volunteers measured four different bones using both the POD and the PaleoTech devices over three different rounds. The results show that the PODv1 is a reliable and valid device compared to the PaleoTech. Both devices were prone to the same issues, but the PODv1 can improve on these issues with more modifications and research, unlike the current osteometric board designs.