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Smith, Brian

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Strawderman, Lesley

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Burch, Reuben F.

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Carruth, Daniel W

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Dissertation - Campus Access Only


Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


The medical device manufacturing industry has a deficiency in determining how to improve supplier performance for the components and systems they purchase. Many complex medical devices require components from superb suppliers. But how does a medical device manufacturer (MDM) impartially assess supplier performance to know which suppliers to continuing with (or even boost purchase volumes) and which suppliers they should exit? This study describes which supplier-specific metrics are most important to medical device manufacturers (MDMs) so they can utilize this supplier performance scorecard backed by real-world inputs. This research will focus on five categories to measure MDM supplier performance (Quality, Price, Delivery, Customer Service, and Partnership) across twenty-three (23) metrics. Because this is a focus of MDM supplier performance, we are not focusing on analysis of device sales to the final customer (e.g., distributors or group purchasing organizations {GPO}). The study will follow a framework including research analysis of supplier performance management in other industries, methods to attain data from MDMs via survey, results and analysis of the data, conclusions, and an easily understandable MDM supplier performance scorecard. In the survey, 135 MDM professionals replied when asked to rate twenty-three (23) supplier performance metrics, across five (5) categories aggregated from nine (9) different industries. The survey yielded a myriad of results including, weighting factors of each of the metrics, and those data results were used to compile an MDM supplier performance scorecard utilizing real-world feedback. The analysis revealed the ratings of importance of the categories as: Quality (43%), Delivery (24%), Customer Service (4%), Partnership (13%), Price (8%) and associated weights for the twenty-three (23) metrics that matter most to an MDM when creating a performance scorecard for their supplier base. Three contributions that this research will add to the body of knowledge:

  1. An in-depth review of supplier performance across many different industries (i.e., non-healthcare and healthcare) for contrasting/comparing evidence.
  2. A detailed MDM survey and statistical analysis on the topic of supplier performance management.
  3. An easily understandable and useable MDM supplier performance scorecard (via MS Excel) for MDM supply chain and/or operations users and/or managers.