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Dodds, Darrin M.

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Pieralisi, Brian K.

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Catchot, Angus L

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Irby, J. Trenton

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Crow, Whitney D

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access



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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Plant and Soil Sciences


There is renewed interest in cotton performance grown using various row spacings and plantings patterns in the Midsouth. Cotton seed size has been reduced compared to sixty years ago. Planting smaller seeds is concerning due to having less energy for emergence as well as complicating the ginning process. Two row spacings, two planting patterns, and two cotton varieties were evaluated over eight site years from 2019-2020. The solid planting pattern produced a higher yield on a land area basis. In addition, two varieties, each with three seed counts, were planted at three seeding rates and evaluated over six site years from 2019-2020. Greater seedcotton yields were observed from larger seed sizes and higher seeding rates. Row spacing had no impact on yield but depending on input cost, a 2x1 skip pattern could be beneficial. Also, higher seeding rates and larger seeds maximized yields.