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Mississippi State University


Whittington, Wilburn

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Barrett, Christopher

Committee Member

Hammi, Youssef

Date of Degree


Document Type

Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Science (M.S.)


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Mechanical Engineering


This work investigates the velocity-dependent coefficient of friction between concrete and 300 Maraging steel over short displacements. A modified torsional Hopkinson bar is utilized for rotating thin-walled steel rings in contact with a concrete disk under static precompression. Rotational velocity is varied between tests to determine the velocity dependence of the friction coefficient. Normal force is varied between certain tests to determine the pressure dependence of the friction coefficient between the concrete and steel. Three different types of concrete are tested to deduce any composition effect on the friction coefficient. Dry and greased conditions’ impact on the friction coefficient are also evaluated. Lastly, the displacement dependence (fade) is considered for the concrete with regards to the steel. Discussion of the usefulness of this data in modeling and experimentation of impact between concrete and steel is disclosed.