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Lowe, J. Wes

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Gholson, Drew M.

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Chesser, G. Daniel, Jr.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Agricultural Sciences

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Master of Science (M.S.)


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Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Poly Pipe Tubing is widely used in the Mississippi Delta for supplemental irrigation of crops during the growing season. Computerized Hole Selection (CHS) is a tool used to create a prescriptive hole punching map to manage flow and minimize tail-water runoff. Some producers have documented that CHS does not work on their farm. The common thought of failure in poly pipe tubing is the rupturing or splitting of the tubing. This research was based on the thought that failure occurs before the tubing is ruptured and is caused by over pressurization during an irrigation event. Static testing revealed that there are tensile material property differences between different thicknesses of tubing. Dynamic testing revealed on small single hole sections of tubing that hole flow increases once yield tensile strength has been surpassed for all thicknesses of tubing. Therefore, this shows that over pressurization could be the cause for CHS not working on some producers’ field.

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