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Mississippi State University


Justice, Cheryl

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Molina, Danielle

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Baham, Jeremy

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Baham, Tracey

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Dissertation - Open Access


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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Foundations


The intent of this study was to explore and understand the effects of professional experience on the ethical profiles of housing and residence life staff. Through a survey design, this study used the Managerial Ethical Profile (MEP) to analyze the professional experience of members of the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I). The MEP scale measures the range of influences on respondents and describes the major tendencies by placing respondents in ethical profiles. Results from this study indicated that professional experience does influence respondent ethical profiles. This study contributes to the field of higher education by informing university administrators how professional experience plays a role in their staff members’ day to day work and responses to decision making.