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Mississippi State University


Gout, Jean-Francois

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Meyer, Florencia

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Wang, Ying

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access



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Master of Science (M.S.)


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Department of Biological Sciences


mRNA molecules form an intermediate in the transfer of sequences from DNA to ribosomes in order to guide protein production. Errors can be introduced into mRNA, producing aberrant proteins which place a strain on cellular regulatory machinery, causing increased risks of apoptosis, cancer, and decreased fitness. These errors may be introduced due to decreased transcriptional proofreading capabilities, exposure to chemicals, or mistakes in RNA editing machinery. It is important to investigate these causes of transcription errors to better understand the long-neglected area of mRNA fidelity which has such significant impacts on our cellular functions. In this paper, it was determined that addition of adenine opposite from abasic sites, not genomic uracil pairing with adenine, are a probable cause of G-to-A transcription errors. That exposure to Roundup causes increased levels of transcription errors, potentially due to oxidative stress. And finally, that off-target ADAR gene editing of transcripts occurs at high levels.

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