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Mississippi State University


McConnell, T. Eric

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Polinko, Adam

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Poudel, Krishna

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access



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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Forest Resources


Department of Forestry


The importance of bottomland hardwood (BLH) forests to support the economy through timber production and carbon sequestration is acknowledged; however, their full potential is yet to be explored. This study developed variable density yield models for BLH oak-gum-cypress forests along the US Gulf Coast and Lower Mississippi River Delta. The models, with an adjusted R2 of 98% for cubic foot growing stock volume and 77% for Doyle board foot sawlog volume, are expected to be valuable tools for landowners and managers seeking to make informed decisions about BLH forest management.

A carbon stock model was also developed, and carbon sequestration was explored based on basal area increment. The results showed potential for carbon sequestration with an average carbon stock of 30.56 tons/acre and a maximum average discounted present value of carbon accumulation of $15.94/ton/acre/year. This provides valuable information to managers and landowners willing to participate in carbon credit markets.