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Mississippi State University


Rodgers III, C. John

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


The purpose of the research presented the spatial and demographic patterns of Mexican immigrants in Itawamba and Tishomingo Counties, which are located in northeast Mississippi. The migration patterns and migrant demographics have not been previously investigated in this region. Interviews in Spanish were given to all willing Mexican migrant participants during the summer of 2006. Source regions of the northeast Mississippi migrants are substantially different from the migrant populations elsewhere in the United States. The majority (60%) of the participants are from Veracruz, Mexico rather than the traditional west-central Mexico as seen elsewhere in the United States. Most immigrants (61%) worked in manufacuturing and not agriculture as might be expected. Additionally, most immigrants had fewer offspring and a higher spousal work rate than their counterparts in Mexico. The results demonstrate the importance of family networking in drawing immigrants to this region and suggest possible cultural shifts within the migrant community.