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Mississippi State University


Zuckerman, Molly K.

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Osterholtz, Anna J.

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DeWitte, Sharon N.

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Graduate Thesis - Campus Access Only


Applied Anthropology

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures


This study analyzed demographic differences and differential mortality between the Mississippi State Asylum (MSA) and the state of Mississippi. Using census records, Biennial Reports, death certificates, and vital statistics from the Mississippi State Board of Health, statistical methods including Kaplan-Meier survival analysis and Cox proportional hazard analysis were employed to explore significant differences in population demographics, hazard of death, and survivorship in general and with tuberculosis. Key results include proportionally more females in the MSA, increased hazard of death/decreased survivorship within the MSA compared to the State, and increased hazard of death/decreased survivorship for Black/AA individuals compared to their White/EA counterparts. This study demonstrates the intersectionality of sex, race, and institutionalization on survivorship and highlights the continued relevance of such issues in modern times, particularly regarding institutional treatment.