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Mississippi State University


Labat, Myron

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Tharp, Paula

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McMullen, Leigh Ann

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Hickmon, Fredrick

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Doctoral Capstone - Open Access


Educational Leadership

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Doctor of Education (Ed.S.)


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Department of Educational Leadership


This qualitative study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) on students with Behavior Intervention Plans. This study used qualitative research methods to obtain the perspectives of teachers who had implemented PBIS on students with behavior plans. The study relied on semi-structured interviews using questions established by the researcher. The results of the study indicate that most of the teachers interviewed feel that PBIS is effective for students with PBIS because it acts as a motivational tool, gives students something to work towards, decreases negative behaviors, and increases positive behaviors. Additionally, the study indicates that teachers believe PBIS effectively reduces behavior infractions in the classroom.