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Lowe, John Wesley

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Griffin, Matt J.

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Chester, Gary Daniel Jr.

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Street, Jason T.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access



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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Engineering Technology Program


The digenetic trematode, Bolbophorus damnificus, poses a substantial threat to catfish aquaculture, causing significant economic losses. Infestations lead to suppressed feed consumption, secondary bacterial infections and poor production performance. Survey data reveals widespread infestation in the in the southeastern United States. Current control strategies involve the application of a concentrated copper sulfate solution to reduce snail populations which serve as the first intermediate host of the trematode life cycle. This study aimed to improve treatment efficacy by developing a granular copper sulfate application system. A modified Gandy fertilizer applicator, equipped with a programmable control system, demonstrated accurate distribution of copper sulfate crystals along pond margins at various speeds. Granular copper sulfate was effective in killing snails along the pond margins at treatment rates between 1-3 ppm. The innovative system offers a practical, single-pass solution to combat trematode infestations in catfish ponds and minimizes logistical challenges associated with multiple applications.

Available for download on Monday, December 15, 2025