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Mississippi State University


Labat, Myron

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Tharp, Paula

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McMullen, Leigh Ann

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Doctoral Capstone - Open Access


P-12 School Leadership

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Doctor of Education (Ed.S.)


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Department of Teacher Education and Leadership


This study examines the impact of a bus driver attendance incentive program implemented in a rural Mississippi school district with the aim of improving bus driver attendance rates. There is a shortage of bus drivers across Mississippi which has made bus driver attendance paramount. Bus driver absenteeism causes disruptions in student transportation services and affects overall school operations. To address this problem, a rural Mississippi school district introduced a bus driver attendance incentive program that provided financial incentives for bus drivers who maintained perfect attendance rates each month.

The research methodology involved collecting and analyzing attendance data for bus drivers over a period of 2 academic years: 1 year prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic and before the implementation of the incentive program and the other 1 year after the introduction of the incentive plan.

Although the findings did not reveal a significant positive impact on bus driver attendance between the 2 years in the study, the data did show a number of drivers benefited from the incentive program.

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