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Stanisevski, Dragan

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Chamberlain, James A.

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Marsh, Kelly

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Nukpezah, Julius A.

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Potter, Mike R.

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Taylor, Leonard

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Dissertation - Open Access


Public Policy and Administration

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Political Science and Public Administration


This study is an analysis of lyrics from popular American music albums since the 1990s to understand public discourse about and experience with public administration. Albums included in the study came from two prominent sources: Billboard and Pitchfork decade-end lists. The study is framed by critical, postmodern, and responsiveness theories, methodologically grounded in critical discourse analysis, and technically approached using standard qualitative methods, including especially qualitative content analysis and iterative, inductive coding techniques. Findings from the qualitative study demonstrate public discourse on the themes of institutional and systemic racism and violence within and perpetuated by public administration and public institutions. Implications for critical self-reflection and responsiveness from the field on these themes are included, and a theory of administrative listening to exogenous discourse is developed. By using exogenous-discourse analysis, including especially that found in popular music, public administration can listen and respond to discourse that originates outside the institutions and systems it controls, broadening its understanding of public sentiment, contributing to a more democratic administration, and building public trust in public institutions.

Available for download on Monday, December 15, 2025