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Franovich, Abbey

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Summerlin, Peter

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Thompson Bello, Diego

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Landscape Architecture

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Master of Landscape Architecture (M.L.A.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Landscape Architecture


In Jackson, Mississippi, basic needs like access to food and water are critical issues. This research reveals efforts and actors working to improve food access within Jackson’s foodscape. This study uses interview and mapping methodologies, which unearth the challenges and opportunities for food efforts in Jackson. Current food work is analyzed through a cultural lens – How is the work influenced by the unique conditions and aspects of Jackson? – and a temporal lens – How does time impact access? What are historic changes and future visions for Jackson? These investigations contribute to opportunities for developing sustainable food systems, determining spatial, infrastructural, and temporal inaccessibility, increasing understanding of opportunities and challenges for food security, and adding to existing literature on the foodscape. By documenting food security organizations, the built environment, and social dynamics in the current context, this research emphasizes how landscape architecture can contribute to building a more equitable, sustainable food future.