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McBride, Matthew

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Smith , Robert

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Dang, Hai

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Fabel, Paul

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Diegel, Amanda

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Dissertation - Open Access


Mathematical Sciences

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


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Department of Mathematics and Statistics


I define and analyze the Hensel-Steinitz algebra ����(��), a crossed product C∗-algebra associated with multiplication maps on continuous functions on the ring of ��-adic integers. In ����(��), I define an ideal and identify it with a known algebra. From this, I construct a short exact sequence conveying the structure of the algebras. I further identify smooth subalgebras within both ����(��) and its ideal, classify derivations on those algebras, and compare the classification with derivations on other smooth algebras. I also analyze the algebras associated with multiplication maps based on the multiplier being a root of unity, not a root of unity, or not invertible in the ��-adic integers. In the case of the multiplier being a root of unity and the quotient group therefore being finite, unexpected additional structure is found.