Ariunbold, Gombojav O.

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Pradhan, Prabhakar||Arnoldus, Hendrik F.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


This thesis broadly describes the construction of two kinds of spectroscopic set-ups to analyze properties of various materials. In the first part, construction of a Raman spectrometer and a high-throughput in-vivo detection for early plant abiotic stress responses is described. Following which, the set-up is modified into a microscope employed to study Murine blood components with samples varying in age. Initial Raman set-up is also improvised using a polarizer in order to gain deeper understanding of the vibrational and rotational bonds in water. The second part of the thesis explains the construction of a laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) sensor module. Performance testing and experiments were carried out with the sensor module to monitor stress in vegetation and fruits and also detect toxins found in corn and carcinogenic compounds in gasoline. The module was further mounted to an unmanned aerial vehicle for field surveys and preliminary testing in flight is described.