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Hazel Buka

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Mississippi State University


Linhoss, Anna

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Tagert, Mary Love

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Wax, Charles L.

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Pote, Jonathan W.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Engineering Technology

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering


By using the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) “polynomial” method for corn in the Mississippi Irrigation Scheduling Tool (MIST), the total number of irrigations required during the growing season can be reduced depending on the variety, growing degree days required to reach maturity, and the length of the growing season. Results showed that even though the SCS method called for irrigations earlier in the season, the method did not trigger irrigation events after the crop reached physiological maturity. In addition, although changing the timing of model initiation (planting vs emergence) was not important on the total crop water use, it may have other benefits. Lastly, Watermark 200SS sensors generally did not trigger similar irrigation events, especially around the mid-season, but shallower sensors somewhat matched and showed similar trends with the MIST modeled results and irrigation records. Therefore, using MIST with sensors may be beneficial when making precise irrigation scheduling decisions.