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Mississippi State University


Huddleston, David H.

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Berger Jr., R. C.

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Howington, Stacy E.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Civil Engineering

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Master of Science


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Engineering design is a decision-making process. Optimization techniques can be used to insure that better decisions are made. One design of great interest to engineers is that of high-velocity channels used for routing floodwater out of urban areas. In the design of these channels it is very important to avoid such hydraulic phenomena as standing waves, hydraulic jumps, and shocks. These will require higher wall heights and more expense. These channels can be modeled with physical models, but they are expensive and time consuming. To minimize the cost of building and changing the physical models and the time required to perform the study, an automated numerical model can be used to test a range of designs before construction of the physical model. The resulting design can be used as an initial design, which is close to the desired design requiring fewer changes to the physical model, saving time and money.