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Hunt, M. Kevin

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Parisi, Domenico

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Miranda, E. Leandro

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Grado, C. Stephen

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Wildlife and Fisheries Science

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Master of Science


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Department of Wildlife and Fisheries


A catch-related attitude measurement scale is used for discerning an angler’s evaluation of catching fish in four constructs (catching something, catching numbers, catching large fish, and retaining fish) in two studies. The first study was of resident (in-state) and nonresident (out-of-state) anglers at Sardis and Grenada reservoirs and the second was of hand grabblers and rod and reel catfish anglers. In the first study at Sardis Reservoir, there were no differences in catch-related attitudes between groups. At Grenada Reservoir, there were differences between groups toward catching large fish and retaining fish. In the second study, hand grabblers had stronger attitudes toward catching large fish than rod and reel catfish anglers but rod and reel catfish anglers had stronger attitudes toward catching numbers. Knowledge of catch-related attitudes can lead to more palatable regulations that enhance angler satisfaction and ultimately retain and recruit new and lapsed anglers.