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The Newsletter of the Ulysses S. Grant Association's Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library at Mississippi State University


In this issue: Letter from the Executive Director; Announcements; Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library hosts Voting Rights Symposium at Mississippi State University By Meg Henderson; “The President’s Face” Exhibit Brings Long-Hidden Views of Grant to the Public By Meg Henderson; Letter Rediscovered in Grant Archives By Meg Henderson; Ulysses S. Grant Information Center Website By Marie Kelsey; 2015 John Y. Simon Day Continues Simon’s Legacy of Grant Scholarship By John F. Marszalek; DC Church’s Touching Tribute to U.S. Grant By Linda Davenport; USGA Members Tour Grant Hall, Site of Lincoln Assassination Trial By Eileen Bradner; Hardscrabble: The House that Grant Built By John Samson

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Ulysses S. Grant Association||Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library


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Dispatches from Grant - Fall 2015 - Volume 3 Issue 4