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Williams, Justice Frank; Davis, William C.; Grimes, Melissa


Justice Frank Williams, president of the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library and Association, interviews publisher and author, William C. Davis, the third lecturer for the Frank and Virginia Williams Lecture Series. In the interview, Mr. Davis discusses how he got his start in the publishing industry, how he and Frank Williams first became friends, his twenty year career in the publishing industry and his career as an editorial vice president of publishing for over 30 magazines, his time spent as an editor of the Civil War Times and an anecdote on how the Civil War Times got it's start as a magazine. Davis goes on to discuss his current book and how he chose the topic of Jefferson Davis in comparison to Abraham Lincoln, the differing strategies of General Grant and General Lee and how that worked in Grant's favor as a later president, the toll the war took on Abraham Lincoln and how connected he was with his people versus how dry and unbeloved Jefferson Davis was. He describes Jefferson Davis's childhood and personal life and how it affected him as a person and a leader. The interview concludes with Mr. Davis's take on the current issue of confederate and other problematic statues in the United States.


Williams, Justice Frank; Davis, William C.



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