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This postcard features two color illustrations. The top illustration is of Davis School in Jackson, Mississippi, a long, red brick, three story building with two, white, curved front entrances on either end of the building and one dormer in the front. A line of green hedges is in front of the school. The identification of the building is printed along the top of the image. The bottom illustration is of the Lee School in Jackson, Mississippi, a white, three story building with a curved front entrance, a gabled roof, and three chimneys. green hedges are on either side of the sidewalk that runs in front of the building and bare trees are depicted in the school lawn and near the street. The identity of the school is printed along the top of the image. The back of the postcard is addressed to Master Edmond Ward in Camden, Mississippi. The card is postmarked Camden, Miss. though the date is not visible. Two, green, one cent George Washington postage stamps are placed in the upper right, though the stamp on the left is partially torn. An inscription is written sideways on the left half of the card.


Hear is my card little friend. You ought to have been here this week to see 8 airplanes! 3 in a row came right over our house [?] like big birds! I have a dear little bay mare named John Jr. and I tell him Bible stories every night after he goes to bed. We want to come home tomorrow if we can get [?} over to drive us. Thank your dear mother for that fine present she sent us. Don't know what I would have done without them. Men. Me[?] is some better but reg weak and thin. Kus pray us furlow. Come to see me. Love to all. Men Bradle [sic]


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Davis School and Lee School in Jackson, Mississippi