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The Parental Authority Questionnaire is a widely used measure of parenting style that assesses Baumrind’s parenting prototypes, including authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive parenting styles. After the original validation on a sample of 108 high school students and 171 undergraduate students, few published studies have validated the factor structure of the Parental Authority Questionnaire across various regions, gender dyads, and ethnicities. Because research has shown that Southern states encompass characteristics (e.g., socioeconomic status, rural nature, lower education attainment, emphasis placed on religious beliefs) that may uniquely affect parenting styles and practices, the current study conducted a confirmatory factor analysis on the Parental Authority Questionnaire on 4,859 emerging adult college students attending a large Southern university to determine if such regional characteristics compromise the original factor structure of the Parental Authority Questionnaire. Further, given differences found in parenting across parent-child gender dyads and ethnicity, the current study also examined the factor structure of the Parental Authority Questionnaire across gender and ethnicity using confirmatory factor analyses.