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Sarah Acquah

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Mississippi State University


Petrolia, Daniel R.

Date of Degree


Document Type

Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Within the East coast and West Coast oyster market, oysters are generally marketed using product attributes and brand name. However the Gulf oyster market does not involve branding. Using choice experiment method and online survey data, the study estimated the effect of branding Gulf oysters on Gulf and Non-Gulf consumers’ willingness to pay. Alternative-specific conditional logit, Nested logit and Alternative-specific multinomial probit methods of analysis were used to investigate the Independence of Irrelevant Alternative assumption made about consumers. Pooled and scaled models were used to analyze the identified data categories from which consumers were found to share the same oyster preferences. The results found that consumers on the average were willing to pay more for the oysters harvested from their own region relative to those harvested from outside their region. They were willing to pay a less for oysters harvested outside their region.