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Mississippi State University


Ryan, Peter L.

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Jousan, Dean

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Crenshaw, Mark

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Feugang, Jean M.

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Christiansen, David

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Animal Physiology (Program)

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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences


First, a preliminary study was conducted looking for the optimum sperm concentration to be used for analysis with the Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA). Results showed that 75x106 sperm cells/mL is the optimum one. Then, the actions of relaxin on sperm motility were evaluated by determining the effect of relaxin on full motility characteristics of spermatozoa during storage, using CASA; then identifying the relaxin receptors on spermatozoa, and finally establishing actions of relaxin in intraspermatic cAMP content. Motile spermatozoa were selected through percoll gradient and incubated for 1 hour with 4 relaxin concentrations at 37°C, during four days. Relaxin affected sperm motility (P<0.05). This action appears associated with the presence of relaxin receptors RXFP1 and RXFP2 that were found in spermatozoa. However, the cAMP levels were not affected by relaxin (P<0.05). This study indicates a beneficial action of relaxin on sperm motility; however, its mechanism of action requires further research.