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Schilling, M. Wes

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French, Todd

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Goddard, Jerome

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Kim, Taejo

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion


Distillate solutions that were derived from concentrated ferment were incorporated into either a carrageenan (CG) and propylene glycol alginate (PGA) gum blend or into a CG, PGA, and xanthan gum (XG) blend. Distillate treatments were compared against a 10% propylene glycol treatment, a gum only control, and negative control using three hams that were cut into 2.5 cm thick slices and then cut into 2.5×2.5×2.5cm cubes (n=50) that were dipped into solutions prior to conducting mite bioassays. Coated and control ham cubes were inoculated with 20 adult mites from the species T. putrescentiae (Schrank), and incubated for 2 and 3 weeks. The distilled treatments with CG + PGA + XG had a greater reduction (P<0.05) in mite populations than all other treatments with the exception of the 10% PG coated treatments. In addition, there were no differences between treatments with respect to sensory texture, flavor, and moistness.