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The use of computed tomography in patients with gastrointestinal disease is increasing. However, the triple-phase computed tomographic angiographic appearance of the canine small intestine and the effects that phase of contrast enhancement and plane of reconstruction have on the appearance of the small intestine have not been fully evaluated. The purposes of this study were to investigate these effects on the appearance of the small intestinal wall. The minimal and maximal small intestinal diameter, wall thickness, number of wall layers identified, and degree of mucosal enhancement were recorded. The plane of reconstruction did not have any significant effects on wall thickness, diameter, degree of mucosal enhancement, or number of wall layers identified. There was a positive association between body weight and intestinal diameter. The arterial phase demonstrated the greatest mucosal enhancement and number of wall layers identified. The transverse plane was subjectively the most useful for evaluation of the small intestines.



computed tomography||Small intestine||computed tomographic angiography||inflammatory bowel disease||canine abdomen||canine abdominal CT