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Prevalence rates for males and females with ADHD range from 2:1 to 9:1 depending on ADHD subtype and setting (APA, 2000). The purpose of the current study was to empirically review articles published between 2001-2010 from discipline-representative (psychology, pediatrics, and interdisciplinary) high- impact journals (JACP, JCCP, Pediatrics) to identify potential differences in the sampling or procedures of ADHD studies involving females and males. Results indicate females and minorities were both well represented across the three discipline-representative journals. However, no meaningful data were provided on minority ADHD females (0.04% of the overall N = 107,144 ADHD participants included in 212 studies). Recommendations to researchers and editors include a) increasing inclusion of minority ADHD females, b) requesting better documentation of overall inclusionary/exclusionary criteria, and c) increasing attention to potential biases in sampling procedures, referral practices, and data presentation approaches that hinder development of the literature concerning ADHD in minority females.



Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in literature--Evaluation.||Psychological literature--Evaluation.||Psychology--Research--Evaluation.||Minorities.