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Mississippi State University


Strawderman, Lesley

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Burch, Reuben F., V

Committee Member

Saucier, David

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Industrial Engineering

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Master of Science (M.S.)


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


The objective of this study was to assess the biomechanical and subjective measures of elementary school teachers while wearing active and/or passive wearable devices during the average workday. Five elementary school teachers wore a harness that held an Upright GO 2 posture tracking device and a Vicon Blue Trident sensor on the participant's upper back for two school days. Haptic feedback was on for one day and off for the other. Data from the Vicon wearable was analyzed to determine participants’ trunk flexion severity, frequency, and duration. Surveys were used to determine perceived exertion and perception of wearable technology. This study proved that teachers are undergoing severe trunk flexion throughout the day; however, there was not consistent improvement in trunk flexion when haptic feedback was applied. Results also indicated that perceived exertion levels of teachers did not always correlate to the frequency of trunk flexion measured through the wearable device.