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Fondren, Kellie B.

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Hopper, Peggy F.

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Lemley, Stephanie

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Leffler, Jeffrey

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Curriculum and Instruction (Special Education)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


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Department of Teacher Education and Leadership


Considering the significance of integrating students with disabilities into general education classes in Mississippi, it is critical to identify the methods by which co-teachers report working together, whether they have obtained the needed professional development, and which teaching model they employ in the inclusion classroom. This data can facilitate the assessment and efficacy of inclusive practices and offer valuable insights into potential areas requiring enhancement. Furthermore, by gaining insight into the experiences of co-teachers, future training initiatives and assistance for educators in advocating for the effective integration of students with disabilities can be enhanced. The purpose of this research was to determine the manner in which inclusion general and special education teachers in Mississippi public schools collaborate, whether they have participated in professional development, and which instructional approach they employ in the inclusion classroom. A mixed methodologies research study was conducted utilizing a SurveyMonkey survey. The frequencies and percentages of the responses to the multiple-choice questions were determined via quantitative analysis. To ascertain codes and themes, open-ended responses were subjected to qualitative analysis. The study's findings offered valuable insights into how inclusion instructors in Mississippi recount their experiences in an inclusion classroom.