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Adhikari, Pratima

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Zhang, Li

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Roberts, Stacey

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Agriculture (Poultry Science)

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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Poultry Science


A precision biotic (PB) in standard and reduced CP diets, and a protease (PRO) used alone and in combination with PB in the reduced CP diet were evaluated. Effects on performance, digestibility, and blood biomarkers were determined in Dekalb White hens from 24 to 42 weeks of age. Nine diets were fed: 1) a standard diet with a 17.5% formulated CP level (T1); 2) T1 with 500ppm PB (T2); 3) T1 with 700ppm PB (T3); 4) a reduced CP diet with a 15.5% formulated CP level (T4); 5) T4 with 500ppm PB (T5); 6) T4 with 700ppm PB (T6); 7) T4 with 33g/MT PRO (T7); 8) T4 with 33g/MT PRO and 500ppm PB (T8); and 9) T4 with 33g/MT PRO and 700ppm PB (T9). There were no overall differences for feed conversion, but the response of T9 over time suggests longer periods may result in improved feed conversion.