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Lord Famiyeh

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Mississippi State University


Mlsna, E. Todd

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Wipf, O. David

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Emerson, P. Joseph

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


The ultimate goal of this research is to develop an efficient, reproducible and low cost method for analysis of VOCs in complex mixtures such as those in exhaled breath and in headspace of fungi cultures. In Chapter I; analytical methods for volatile biomarkers identification is reviewed In Chapter II, active SPME GCMS was employed to analyze VOCs in the breath of a single healthy male and a single female. The goal was to determine the extent of intra-individual variations in the VOC profiles. In Chapter III, a preliminary study was carried out in a greenhouse to determine the pathogenicity of different isolates of M. phaseolina on soybeans. This will allow, in future studies, the matching of VOC profiles of different isolates of M. phaseolina with their relative pathogenicity. This is a key step towards the development of an early warning system for the detection of pathogenic M. phaseolina fungus contaminations.