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Rafferty, Janet

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Hogue, Homes S.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Applied Anthropology

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Master of Arts


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Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures


Lyon’s Bluff is an archaeological site covering approximately 25 hectares in Oktibbeha County, MS. Richard Marshall proposed that the site can be divided into two occupations – the eastern area, occupied during the Mississippian period (A.D. 1000- 1540); and the western area, occupied during the Protohistoric period (A.D. 1540-1750). Starting in 1935 several archaeological excavations have taken place at Lyon’s Bluff, but the work has always focused on the eastern area of the site. To test Marshall’s proposal, a series of shovel tests was dug over the site, and 14 one-m2 excavation units were placed on purported house mounds in the western area. Eight of the fourteen excavation units were proven to be on house mounds, with the others being on natural rises. Typological analysis of the artifacts collected showed that the east-west division is speculative and that the entire site was occupied throughout the course of its history.