Call for Papers: SI on Ecological Marxism

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Ecological Marxism

  • Editor: Keally McBride
  • Deadline for submission of papers: by September 30, 2022
  • Expected publication of issue: December 2022
  • “The invisible hand never picks up the check.”—Kim Stanley Robinson.

    Climate change has precipitated an urgent conversation about systemic entropy and broadened the audience willing to consider radical upheaval. Our capitalist way of life is the largest obstacle to overcome as we seek to ensure future lives. Ecology offers deep lessons that can be adopted by social analysts as we examine systems of production, consumption, death and survival. Barriers long conceptualized between human beings and their environments need to be discarded, and in their stead imaginations of interspecies exchange need to be born. Militant action, radical financialization, and total communalization are just a few of the scenarios on the table for consideration. We invite submissions that seize this moment and invent new ways of thriving in reimagined landscapes. We also welcome submissions addressing extractive colonialism, social reproduction theory, ecologically minded resistance, race and environmental organizing, and new insights into primitive accumulation and labor extraction from an environmentalist standpoint.

    Questions? Contact Keally McBride at kdmcbride@usfca.edu