Call for Papers: Special Issue on The Political Economy of Knowledge Production

  • Editor: Maria Cernat
  • Deadline for submission of papers: by December 31, 2023
  • Expected publication of issue: early 2024
  • This special issue of the journal Emancipations will address the political economy of knowledge production. In science, competing theories provide diverse explanations which in turn ground competing views on natural phenomena or competing political doctrines, and policy paths. It is therefore important to ask what mechanisms are at play when one type of scientific explanation or theory prevails while others are marginalized. What are the fundamental forces that mold and drive science, research, theories, and explanations that have become hegemonic? We welcome works in the form of original research articles, commentaries, or book reviews that address the power dynamics of knowledge production, distribution, and consumption in all fields of science (e.g. economics, physics, security studies, gender studies, ecology, development studies). We particularly invite analyses that investigate the production of theories that pose as radical without challenging the status quo.

    For more information, please contact Maria Cernat: mcernat@mediaresearch.info